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20 years ago, Ray Horsfield gathered thousands of parts from broken timepieces that were destined for the watchmaker's dustbin. With patience, skill and an incredibly steady hand, he transformed these discards into familiar shapes that evoke scenes and faces from bygone days. A bronze Henry VIII rubs shoulders with a mechanical eagle swooping majestically toward its prey, while The Titanic's metal bracelet funnels glisten as it steams toward an icy doom, and an antique pistol construction primarily of cogs bears a powerful resemblance to its deadly real-life counterpart.

Just make sure to allow yourself enough time to appreciate all the breathtaking detail - you'll never look at your watch the same way again. 

Reflections a solo exhibition at Thorsby Courtyard Gallery Thorsby Park Nottinghamshire NG229EP sat 10th May to Sunday 18th May 2014 Anumber of acrylic paintings on canvas depicting the time spent after the loss of my wife in the Whitsunday Islands showing open isolation and dramatic skies


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